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Laser treatment

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laser treatment

Laser Procedures

Lasers have many uses throughout the field of medicine. Some of the uses in dermatology are targeted for individuals with small broken capillaries, medically know as telangectasias, and for areas of brown pigmentation, commonly know as sunspots or age spots.

We use the Diolite Laser made by Iridex Corporation. This precision instrument offers our patients a highly effective method of removing fine superficial blood vessels, such as those typically seen on the nose and cheeks. Most superficial facial veins can be easily treated, and superficial leg veins can sometimes be treated as well. The laser works well for the removal of brown or “age” spots, such as those found on the face, chest, and on the back of the hands. This type of laser does not cause bruising, so you can return to your regular activities immediately.


Who should consider this treatment:
Women or men seeking to improve their appearance by eliminating wrinkles on the forehead, crow’s feet, or the vertical creases between the eyebrows. These “dynamic” wrinkles are caused by muscle movements such as smiling or frowning. Botox is not effective for wrinkles caused by normal aging or by sun damage.

What is the procedure:
Botox treatment is a gentle and precise injection of a highly purified chemical into specific facial muscles to inhibit their contraction. When the muscles are relaxed, the overlying skin stays smooth, and creases or wrinkles diminish.

How long will it take:
Botox treatment takes about 15-20 minutes with very minimal discomfort. The effects are noticeable in 3-5 days and last between 3-5 months. Subsequent treatments usually prolong the effectiveness, extending the duration to 6-9 months. Patients can return to work and normal activities immediately after treatment.

What can I expect:
Worried, angry, or tired looks will give way to a relaxed, softer, and more pleasant appearance. Possible complications from Botox treatment are uncommon and temporary. These include slight bruising or bleeding at the injection site, which last only a few days. Very rarely, depending on the muscles being injected, there can be drooping of the eyelid or unevenness of the eyebrows. This is usually very slight and always temporary, lasting only a few weeks.


Botox injection
close-up Botox injection

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